Maradona: “I Would Have Been Even Bigger Without Cocaine”!


Maradona: “I would have been even bigger without cocaine”! – Maradona speaks about his life in Emir Kusturica’s movie


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What is your all-time lasting Diego Maradona memory? The Hand of God … Is it something darker, maybe the 1991 failed test for cocaine in Italy, or the infamous sending home from the 1994 World Cup after testing positive for ephedrine? That man was an … Read more on


Jose Mourinho is now taking lines from Maradona in greatest player debate
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At the very least it's a disappointing lack of originality, especially from a man who thinks he should be called "The Only One," and at worst it's a sign that Maradona and Mourinho are slowly morphing into the same person and will inevitably form "Mega … Read more on Yahoo! Sports (blog)


23 Responses to Maradona: “I Would Have Been Even Bigger Without Cocaine”!

  • EmiirZComps says:

    My name is Emir in real life 🙂 So maradona is talking? to me 😀

  • 101Beastboi says:

    Messi is no where near maradona, maradona was great by himself he picked argentina in his back to win the world cup, messi cant even? win regular tournamenta with argentina because with out xavi or iniesta he is garbage

  • Misterdeeh3000 says:

    @like50asians what’s wrong with Fidel? He turned Cuba into a country with the lowest illiteracy rate in Latin America,? before less then 70% could read. And maradona also admires people like Arbenz, who was a democratically elected Guatemalan president with socialist policies, with him there was free speech and free everything, how did it end? A military coup supported by the CIA to put a dictator in instead of arbenz

  • hunkyfunkyjunky says:


  • greenmisc says:

    your? a fool!


    Maradona es dios.?

  • SHlTTER says:

    then Messi is? Beethoven.

  • 1Dblade333 says:

    cocaine makes you better when your adrenaline’s? pumping on the field

  • ZR1Terror says:

    Listen to this man all of you cheap stupid drug users posting comments here below? and above mine!!

  • RetroThrasher says:

    @charmand79In 1991, he served a 15-month suspension from soccer after he failed a drug test while he was playing for Napoli in Italy. Part of a very strong Argentina team in the 1994 World Cup in the United States, Maradona was sent home after failing another drug test, this time for the banned substance ephedrine. Cocaine or not, he still used other drugs. Great footballer? nonetheless.

  • RetroThrasher says:

    Based on your response it seems like you? haven’t. Robbing a bank and the use of an illicit drug aren’t synonymous to each other. “Duration of cocaine’s immediate euphoric effects, which include energy, reduced fatigue, and mental clarity, depends on how it is used.” ( Point is, he was on cocaine while he played.

  • charmand79 says:

    Have you robbed a bank??

    Effects of long term cocaine usage from

    Irregular heart beat.
    Heart attack.
    Chest? pain.
    Respiratory failure.
    Seizures and headaches.
    Abdominal pain and nausea.

    Do you still believe that such effects can make a footballer or athlete better??

  • RetroThrasher says:

    Have you tried cocaine? There? is footage where he is obviously drugged out. (while on the pitch)


    Maradona! <3?

  • cr7x8a says:

    why cant anybody understand that there can’t be a best. To have a best they would have to be playing against the same players. Defence used to be terrible. You cant compare someone who played 30 or 20 years ago to someone? who plays now

  • Luis Garcia says:

    maradona is the biggest puto in futbol?

  • charmand79 says:

    Cocaine? cannot make an athlete better. It is a drug not an anabolic and it makes your body and concentration weaker.

  • pitcherasl12 says:

    I think he’s just? being politically correct. Cocaine made him better

  • PornSeekerxxx says:

    And messi isn’t? He’s involved in almost every goal his team makes, either he assists or scores, he’s been a victim of countless severe tackles and he still manages to get up and still give 120%,? what makes player imo is skill dedication and focus, of which maradona had one, but messi still beats him in all three. super Barcelona era started when Messi started playing and it will end when he stops.

  • PornSeekerxxx says:

    Messi is so? much better.

  • eldiezmaradona says:

    grande Diego!?

  • 11caulfield says:

    I don’t disrespect God. I said if God wanted to have football lessons? he would pick Maradona to teach him. Don’t worry for my soul to be taken! My problem.

  • olineee2010 says:

    dude your ill, how do you disrespect God for stupid Maradonna, you forgot that? God will snatch your soul too?,

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