OMG Am I Epileptic?!!?

Question by Chaplin Bevard: OMG am I epileptic?!!?
So, I have really severe anxiety, monophobia, insomnia, paranoia, OCD, depression, and manic depressive disorder. I was taking Xanax and Flurazapam(sleep-aid) for a while. Just 5 days ago, I decided to stop taking Xanax because it was making my sister disappointed and all, and I didn’t want the addiction problem and all. So anyways, I was on Tumblr, and certain GIF’s were giving me these weird panic attacks. Like, paranoid, “OMG WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING”, headache, almost nauseous, like I was going to die. I felt like I was shaking, but I wasn’t. They were just those GIF’s of pictures with the subject in place while the visual moves slightly around it. I also tried to watch the music video “Sheena is a Parasite” by the Horrors (which is known to give epileptic people secures) and the same “weird panic attack” happened, but it was stronger. I’ve also started to see things like in the corners of my eyes. Always just like black or white shapes, and they’re only there for a second and then they’re gone. Less than a second, probably. And when I’m left alone(monophobia), I like SWEAR I hear someone whispering my name. It’s like I’m a cocaine-addict, but without the cocaine. Should I be on something like Lithium? I don’t think I’m THAT bad pff as to be on a psychotic medication, right?

I don’t know; am I ALSO gosh-darned epileptic?!

Is it just the withdrawl?

What is this?

Thanks; much appreciated.

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Answer by Ryan
Well, it sounds like you have a form a every mental illness out there so you should be able to get away with adding epilepsy to the list. Try Parkison’s I’d they’re not buying it.

Please don’t drink alcohol or do recreational drugs, we have enough of those. Cheers.

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