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Lies Ducie Told as Katy Lay Dying

Lies Ducie told as Katy lay dying
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Last week, Kieron Ducie and Ann Corcoran received suspended jail sentences after they pleaded guilty at Trim Circuit Court to helping to procure the cocaine that caused the death of Katy French. Ducie was sentenced to two-and-a-half years and Corcoran … Read more on Irish Independent


Businessman shoots at bandits on High Street
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An unidentified by-stander was hit by a stray bullet, police said. He received a slight injury and was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital for treatment. … And in a separate incident, one 9mm pistol and six live rounds of 9 mm ammunition … Read more on Trinidad News


Signs of Cocaine Use 9mm

Carceral Imaginations
Sacred precincts of marital bedrooms for telltale signs of the use of contra- hard pornography, commercial sex trafficking, use of crack- or powder-cocaine and heroin, and the possession of a 9mm fully-automatic weapon. … Doc Viewer

Narco Cult
The use of spiritual icons as a means of psychological warfare is a technique that is as old as time. Photographs obtained during investigations have been discovered with gang members throwing gang signs party for a 15 yr old girl where an ex-soldier in the Mexican army was arrested sporting a 9mm with … Read Here

Allegedly pulled a 9mm. pistol and shot Figoski dead. months earlier after serving a two-year term for possession and sale of cocaine. warning signs about the radicalization of Nidal Hasan, the Army major who killed eighteen and … View This Document