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Nystagmus Cocaine Abuse

7 Drugs Of Abuse
Infants born to mothers who abuse Cocaine (or Amphetamine) have possible teratogenic abnormalities and increased morbidity and mortality. Nystagmus,marked hypertension and seizures , which may be fatal. Parenteral Benzodiazepines : … Access This Document

Public Safety Substance Abuse Journal By MEDTOX, July 2010
Gaze nystagmus (HGN), finger digit count, and paper and pencil writing. Dr. 212 have a self-limiting roll to play in cocaine abuse. Scientists opine that the brain has a process whereby it tried … Fetch Full Source

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A Case Of Mutism Subsequent To Cocaine Abuse
Of 6 cc (300 mg), causing drowsiness and nystagmus. She did not speak at any point in the interview. mon consequence of cocaine abuse because of the spasm of cerebral blood vessels induced by excessive release of … Read Content