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Is Crack Cocaine Physically Addicting?

Question by marilyn d: Is crack cocaine physically addicting?
I’ve heard of “crack addicted” babies born of mothers who used the drug. But I thought cocaine did not cause an actual physical addiction. I didn’t think abruptly stopping it’s use would cause physical withdrawel. I know exhaustion results when the drug is abruptly withdrawn following many days/nights of continuous use, but I’m confused about babies born “addicted”. Someone set me straight, please.
The person who suggested google was right. It is not physically addictive, does not produce acute withdrawel. Symptoms of abrupt cessation are opposite those produced by the drug. Abruptly stopping cocaine results in behaviors: lethargy, increased appetite, and depression, to name a few. But no withdrawel occurs. Addiction is strictly psychological!!

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Cocaine is highly addictive. Google it!

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PDF file Substance-specific And Shared Transcription And Epigenetic …
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