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Stumped ???

Question by G: Stumped ???
Does anyone have any ideas how the moral/ religious belief of a 14 year old drug addict would change ??? Im stumped after writing 2 sentences and i need help. i have to write 1 page about this but i dont what to write about . thanks for answering !
I forgot tosay that the person is taking ecstasy !

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need more info to help

Answer by lvliss.lvlanda
Read this article.
It kind of relates to what you’re asking.

Personal spirituality prevents adolescents from developing alcoholism or abusing drugs, according to new study results from Columbia University in New York.

Teenagers with personal religious beliefs are half as likely to become alcoholics or drug addicts, the study reports. A more personal degree of devotion, personal conservatism, and institutional conservatism are factors that contribute to the lower risk.

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