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Are People Who Eat Low Calorie Sweeteners Really More Prone to Being Fat, Type

Are people who eat low calorie sweeteners really more prone to being fat, type
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Five artificial sweeteners are permitted for use in the UK: aspartame, saccharin, acesulfame potassium (known as acesulfame K), cyclamate and sucralose. By interfering with our satisfaction signals, … It's also been linked to mood swings and … Read more on Daily Mail


'Tips s?ng còn' giúp m? b?u kh?e m?nh
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H?n th? n?a, t?p th? d?c là m?t cách tuy?t v?i ?? gi?m b?t c?ng th?ng, m?t s? nghiên c?u cho th?y t?p luy?n có th? làm t?ng l??ng serotonin, ?ây là m?t ch?t ???c s?n sinh ra trong não, giúp ?i?u ti?t ch? s? c?m xúc và có kh? n?ng gi? cho c?m giác th?ng … Read more on XãLu? tin t?c vi?t nam 24h c?p nh?t