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BlackBerry Demystified: Everything Wall Street Is Not Telling You

BlackBerry Demystified: Everything Wall Street Is Not Telling You
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Just as Edward Snowden sheds light on the NSA, and Michael Lewis sheds light on Wall Street, I hope to bring to your attention more information on BlackBerry, the media, and Wall Street to facilitate your decision to invest in the company for the long … Read more on Seeking Alpha


US Rep. Gary Peters talks about effort to stop pet coke permit (VIDEO)
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Gary Peters (D-14th District) told supporters today that he has introduced two bills to require the federal government to study the health effects and proper storage and transport of pet coke. Peters, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, spoke at a … Read more on Southgate News Herald


How Many Mental Disorders Ask About Here Are Caused by Excessive Alcohol Consumption?

Question by All-One: How many mental disorders ask about here are caused by excessive alcohol consumption?

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Answer by HappyBunny
My uncle is an alcoholic and if i remember correctly it made his kidneys i think go bad and so something happened to his brain and now hes lost his short term memory.

Answer by Stacy W
depression is one i know of for sure…

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Sixty percent of 12th graders do not view regular marijuana use as harmful
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The percentage of high-schoolers who see great risk from being regular marijuana users has dropped dramatically in the past 10 years, according to this year's Monitoring the Future (MTF) survey, which measures drug use and attitudes among the nation's … Read more on National Institutes of Health (press release)


Sexual and Social Revolution of Viagra

Sexual and social revolution of Viagra
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Volunteers at a hospital in the city were undergoing trials of a drug called sildenafil citrate. It had been formulated by chemists in Kent to treat angina … As erections – real or elusive – became an everyday topic for dinner party conversation … Read more on Coolum News


'Snowden is not the problem' Palin says
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In comments to the Daily Caller, the 2008 candidate for vice president also declined to join many of her fellow Republicans in condemning National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden, saying the real problem was the government's violation of … Read more on Daily Caller