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Beyond the Welfare State

Beyond the welfare state
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We've at times presented sermons, and over the next year we'll occasionally print speeches about public policy issues. To get us started, here's one I gave at the Manning Centre's annual Networking Conference in Canada last year. Four decades ago, when … Read more on World Magazine


Light (up) to the nations || Can Israel blaze a trail in medical cannabis?
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We also have the health maintenance organizations, which possess rare databases of precious information about the effects of cannabis on thousands of patients who have undergone that treatment.” The speaker is … In addition to her work as a monitor … Read more on Haaretz


Addictive Cocaine Avalanche

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Synthetic cannabis is a psychoactive herbal and chemical product that, when consumed, mimics the effects of cannabis. It is best known by the brand names K2 and Spice, both of which have largely become genericized trademarks used to refer to any synthetic cannabis product. (It is also for this … Read Article

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From The Mountain Prophecies . BOOK 12 GOD’S HAND IN MY LIFE . In 1987, I experienced a head-on collision between the world and myself. My beautiful dreams of success were tainted by dark and menacing shadows. … Retrieve Doc

Primarily luxury apartment buildings; and he had stopped drinking alcohol and sniffing cocaine. shifted Primo toLAAM, an experimental, longer-acting (and consequently even more physically addictive the case of methadone, competing scientific, political, and populist discourses mobilize an avalanche … Get Content Here