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Is Cocaine Not a Drug? Am I a Drug Addict if I Do Coke Once in Awhile, Then?

Question by Math Genius Maka: Is Cocaine not a drug? Am I a drug addict if I do coke once in awhile, then?
Thought not. Stupid conservatives and fundies, making everything into a drug. If I want to snort a little coke with my cat once in awhile, I guess that’s my own business.

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Answer by Scrooge Jones
Indeed it is your own business, so if you’ve already establish’d this why are you asking this?

Answer by Maka of the Empire
That awkward moment when I F*CKING HATE YOU

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Cocaine Abuse Timeline

Pictures of Cocaine Abuse Timeline

Prenatal Exposure To Drugs: Effects On Brain Development And …
The timeline for neurodevelopmental milestones has been documented in humans and for most animals used as models 7–9 (FIG. 1). may be reflective of both their inherent neuro­ toxicity and the patterns with which they are (ab)used. effects of illegal drugs of abuse Cocaine. … Retrieve Full Source

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Pictures of Cocaine Abuse Timeline

Section 1: Background And Problem Statement
Background and trends of cocaine abuse and laid out clear ideas on how to treat the problem at the root. cocaine were finally noted. If a person is looking for an extensive timeline on the history of cocaine, this is a very … Access Document

Social Effects Cocaine Abuse

Social Effects Cocaine Abuse Photos

“Ampetamines, “ Cocaine, “ “GHB,” “MDMA.” Freese, T.E., Miotto, K., & Reback, C.J. (2002). The effects and consequences of selected club drugs. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 23 Psychological and Social Antecedents of Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamine and MDMA, Abuse and … Access Doc

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Illicit Drug Abuse In Older Adults: Implications For …
However, less is known about the abuse of illicit drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. in treatment, or managing a treatment program for substance abuse, gerontological social their impact on treatment, lack of education on the effects of illegal drugs … Read Content

Social Effects Cocaine Abuse Photos

Drug Use In South Africa – Fact Sheet
With impaired social and occupational functioning. Cocaine use in South Africa Fact sheet prepared by: Alcohol & Drug Abuse Research Group The following are among long-term effects that have been reported from cocaine use: … Fetch This Document