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Cocaine Addiction Synapses

PowerPoint file Addiction Is A Chronic Relapsing Disease Of The Brain
Addiction is a Brain Disease Michael L. Johnson, MS y n a p s e End of axon Typical neuron has 1000 synapses with other turning to self medication activities to relieve the negative feeling states Cues for Cocaine and … Get Content Here

About Nicotine Addiction – Nicotine And Dopamine
Understanding Nicotine Addiction Nicotine's Effects on the Brain. By Terry Martin, About.com Guide Nicotine activates the same reward pathways in the brain that other drugs of abuse such as cocaine or amphetamines do, although to a lesser … Read Article

PowerPoint file Communication Within The Body: Synapses And Hormones
Electrical Self-Stimulation of the Brain Nucleus accumbens-subcortical area rich in dopamine receptors The role of the nucleus accumbens in addiction Effects of Stimulant Drugs on Dopamine Synapses Stimulants-increase behavioral arousal, increase activity at dopamine receptors Amphetamine Cocaine … Access Full Source