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If you can't get new syringes, either from your local syringe/needle exchange or pharmacy, clean your syringes well with room-temperature water or If you snort cocaine or other drugs: • Avoid sharing straws or tubes to snort cocaine or other drugs, as this can spread Hepatitis B or C. … Document Viewer

Cocaine Addiction Chat Room

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Gays, Lesbians, and Addiction Gays, Lesbians, and Addiction ã National Health and Social Life ã by MTF transgender individuals commonly used by MTF transgender individuals were alcohol, cocaine 73% 73% ã Ego-dystonic promiscuity ã Ego-dystonic promiscuity 50% 50% ã Sexual chat room dependence ã … Doc Retrieval

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Experts call online porn and chat room romance "the crack cocaine (or lately) methamphetamine of sexual addiction," fueled by the Three A's: Anonymity, Affordability and Accessibility. … Read Document