Untitled Heroin Project Take 2

untitled heroin project take 2
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Their daughter was born with primordial dwarfism, small but proportional, with a bleak life prognosis. On Alice's 19th birthday, … National and local drug experts are so worried about the quadrupling of opioid overdoses — now at 15,000 deaths a year … Read more on Denver Post


The rise and fall of lawyer for the rich and infamous Andrew Roderick Fraser
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That is, his cocaine use spiralled out of control so much he crazily advised a client on ways to smuggle the drug. Fraser served all … He says his doctor's prognosis is the same as his barrister's before he went to jail: "About five to seven years … Read more on Herald Sun


Colombian president to have surgery for prostate cancer
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"It's a small tumor located on the prostate gland and it's a good prognosis. It's not aggressive," he said at the …. Forget the RotoRouter job, he needs treatment for botox addiction. … Let me pack his #$ %$ with pure coke…the rest will take care … Read more on Yahoo! News (blog)