Can a Six Year Old Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Question by Can a six year old have obsessive compulsive disorder?
My six year old grandaughter has been acting really different these days. She sounds like she is hypersensitive, she’s anxious, doesn’t like any type of loud noises, when to me it’s not that noisy. She bosses her teachers and some kids at school, doesn’t listen to anyone at school or at home. She’s not doing well academically at all. Hits kids at school also. I’m not sure if she has add or adhd? I don’t know if that falls into the category of OCD. I’m really concerned about her and want to get some help for her, because she surely is not doing well at school or home. Thanks Very Much, Sharon T.

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Answer by flutie
nooo That is totally not posible just think about it is like me being 68 when i am really only13. Is that posible noo whay!*

Answer by flower
try to talk 2 her and observe her. Is there any new friend ?wont let go of a toy ? bad grades? figure out.

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5 Responses to Can a Six Year Old Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

  • sufimystic says:

    While possible it is unlikely. She may have a personality disorder (don’t worry almost everyone I know has one) but it is not right for anyone to diagnose this issue on-line. She must have a school counselor or school psychologist that could better answer thes questions. I do have experience working with children with Psychiatric disorders in a treatment program. It is hard to say what the problem is, but there is no need to be overly worried yet. She can be , if needed, enrolled in a more specialized program that is better able to meet her needs.

  • red_night_shade says:

    while i highly doubt she had add or obsessive compulsive disorder, (which any child can get, dont let people tell you they cant) it sounds to me like there might be something wrong at home. sounds like my daughter, after my brother died. sometimes you need to sit down and ask the child pointed questions.
    my daughter is four but has the mind of a 20 year old. dont take them for granted, children this age dont usually lie. and trust your gut instinct, if somethings wrong, this is her only way to show it.

  • chaoshelp18 says:

    Yes a child can develop OCD at a young age. They are unaware it is happening, but the first two yeast of your life is when you learn the most.

  • mebite_never says:

    I agree with Sufimystic. If you’re that concerned take her to a doctor. Yes, a child can develop OCD at a young age, though what you described doesn’t sound like OCD. She just sounds very bossy to me. She may be going through a stage or perhaps you should ask a school counselor or psychiatrist (or psychologist, i’m not sure of the difference). At any cost DO NOT go soley by what is said on this or any comment.

  • Tracy P says:

    It actually sounds like what my nephew has. It is called Oppositional Defiancy Disorder. No matter what you tell the child they do whatever they want, no matter what the consequence will be. His is stemming from being basically abandoned by his parents. Plus he also has adhd. THe child needs to be checked out by a doctor that can make an accurate diagnosis, like at a counseling center. It might just be a case where the child is feeling neglected in some way or she is just angry about somthing that has happened

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