What Kind of “addiction” Can My Main Character Have?

Question by Amber: What kind of “addiction” can my main character have?
In my book I need the main male character to have some sort of addiction or something to keep the story line interesting. One of the characters already has an alcohol addiction so we can’t use that…I’ve tried to think of other things such as pills or something but I don’t know a whole lot about pill/medication addiction. I’ve even considered bi-polar or depression but I’m just not sure. Any suggestions?? Hit me with anything you have :]

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Answer by God the Editing Dog
Porn. <- great addiction.

Answer by ~Chris~
He should totally be addicted to crack.

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7 Responses to What Kind of “addiction” Can My Main Character Have?

  • The Prince says:

    Caffeine or Sleeping Pills. Or laxatives would be silly haha

  • Frank F says:

    addicted to sex

  • nb says:

    Maybe a computer addiction?

  • snafu says:

    gambling addiction?

    it is a widespread problem and there would be plenty of scope to work it into a storyline. gambling outlets and casinos are pretty much in every town and there is the internet too and by phone so i dont think it would restrict the character.

  • ucfmatt says:

    The big hard drugs are a little extreme unless you want to focus entirely on that (stuff like crack, heroin, meth)

    I’d choose something that is commonly used/abused but the user can still hide their use somewhat and live a somewhat normal life.

    Cocaine, opiates (such as prescription pain pills), or benzodiazapenes (eg. Xanax) addiction is common and believable, without taking too much attention away from the rest of the story.

  • Chris says:

    Video game, reading, candy/sweets, ‘everything needs to be perfect’, etc. – addictions..
    P.S. good luck with your story.

  • Hugo Shmugo says:

    sex or food
    or converse (the shoes)

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