Dad Who Smuggled Cocaine on Dublin Train Gets Half of 10-Year Sentence

Dad who smuggled cocaine on Dublin train gets half of 10-year sentence
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Counsel for Heaphy Tom Creed SC told the court that in its judgement the appeal court said it was intended that Heaphy would have five years in prison, and thereafter he may come to terms with his problems and find himself in the position to rejoin … Read more on Irish Independent


Drugs-for-guns traffic troubles police in Mass., Vt.
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In Holyoke, the first sizable city that Vermonters encounter off I-91 in Massachusetts, Police Chief James Neiswanger acknowledged that an influx of firearms from the north is a major worry for a community struggling to curb gangs, drug use, and … Read more on Boston Globe


Pair opens 'recovery-based' center to treat addictions
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The center isn't limited to treatment of substance abuse in the form of opiates, cocaine, prescription medications, alcohol and, as Bierman put it, "every chemical you can be dependent on." It also treats sexual, gambling and shopping addictions as … Read more on Baltimore Sun