Cocaine Addiction Cured in Rats Using Blasts of Laser Lights

Cocaine addiction cured in rats using blasts of laser lights
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Setting comedy aside, though, cocaine addiction is considered a major public health problem in the United States. However, researchers … One of the effects of cocaine use is that it causes compulsive abuse due to its highly addictive nature. In … Read more on DVICE


DEA breaks up suspected Colombia/Guinea-Bissau drug ring
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U.S. agents have disrupted a suspected major drug smuggling operation accused of engaging in narco-terrorism, conspiring to import narcotics into the United States, and providing aid and weapons — including surface-to-air missiles — to a South … Read more on Washington Times


Mexican Cartels Invade America: End The Drug War To Stop Them
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Mexican drug cartels whose operatives once rarely ventured beyond the U.S. border are dispatching some of their most trusted agents to live and work deep inside the United States — an emboldened presence that experts believe is meant to tighten their … Read more on United Liberty


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