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Sheriff Candidates Take on Community's Questions, Challenge Each Other in Debate

Sheriff candidates take on community's questions, challenge each other in debate
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Martin and Rivero in particular had pointed exchanges over the running of the agency, with Chalk adding his own assessments that included the need for more training and better use of funds. Lakeport Public Works Director Mark … Question two: As … Read more on Lake County News


New state regulations make heroin treatment challenging
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As the state scrambles to beef up treatment options for heroin users following a recent surge in overdoses, some doctors worry that new legislation could actually leave many addicts in the lurch. "As written, this could dramatically reduce access to … Read more on The Patriot Ledger


Child Welfare Effort Avoids Taking Kids From Home by Giving Them One

Child Welfare Effort Avoids Taking Kids from Home by Giving them One
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Three heads of household left KFT voluntarily, in part because they needed more intensive treatment, such as inpatient rehabilitation services to deal with addiction. But those that stayed saw a significant decrease in child welfare involvement. While … Read more on City Limits


Alameda: Coast Guard gets a new Pacific commander
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Zukunft took over the Pacific leadership in April 2012 and oversaw security on San Francisco Bay during last year's America's Cup, a task which included making sure that cargo ships and commercial vessels had easy access to local ports. The change-of … Read more on Contra Costa Times


These Guys Need a Raise?

These Guys Need a Raise?
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Again, a gluten-free diet helps alleviate these symptoms. … And from as far back as the 1980s, a study found “NSAIDs are thus shown to disrupt intestinal integrity and long term treatment leads to inflammation of the small intestine.” ….. It was a … Read more on Daily Beast


Years Ago
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Weathersfield Township trustees are urging residents complaining about noxious fumes emanating from a Mahoning County sewage-treatment plant located in the township to band together and file a class-action lawsuit against Mahoning County commissioners … Read more on Youngstown Vindicator


Medical Marijuana Policy and My Seder Table

Medical Marijuana Policy and My Seder Table
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It establishes three significant categories for drugs that are called "schedules" determined by a drug's potential for abuse, accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and accepted safety levels for the drug. Schedule I drugs are deemed … Read more on Huffington Post


How Esquire Got ADHD Wrong
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Stimulants used to treat ADHD are Schedule II drugs, he reports, a classification that includes “cocaine, methamphetamine, Demerol, and OxyContin.” Are you frightened yet? Don't worry … Among other rejoinders to reported reader feedback, D'Agostino … Read more on New York Observer


Republicans, Please Convince Me?

Question by : Republicans, please convince me?
I’m not an American, but if i were I would be pro-democrats.
Unfortunately, I have a debate coming up and I’m expected to defend the republican party.
So, republicans (or anyone who knows of the republicans’ stance) please give me the pros of your political beliefs in terms of any or all of the following:
stem cell research
the environment
health care
marijuana and prescription drugs
Clarification: by poverty, I mean: how do you plan on tackling it?
Thank you for the replies. A combination of research and your answers has given solid arguments for everything but healthcare and drugs. Can someone please elaborate on those two points?

Also, I know that constitutionally America is secular. But is the GOP officially/publicly associated with any one certain religion? I thought it was known that the GOP is, basically, a Christian party. But, upon further research, I (think) that I have found that it isn’t.

Judy Greer: 'A Mandatory Year of Waiting Tables' Will Make You a Better Person

Judy Greer: 'A mandatory year of waiting tables' will make you a better person
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My next food service job was in a restaurant called I Tre Merli in Chicago. I was a freshman in college and was working at … I think she secretly blamed me for those tags being ripped off, but she had no proof, so she just gave me the silent … Read more on


Naked N.J. man on tricycle arrested for alleged use of cocaine
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According to the Lakewood police, he “admitted to ingesting cocaine.” The 31-year-old was taken to Kimball Medical Center and treated for minor cuts to his mouth that likely occurred when he was chewing on the aforementioned glass. Sgt. Greg … Read more on