Driver Who Knocked Down Chef 'Apologised for His Actions' Court Told

Driver who knocked down chef 'apologised for his actions' court told
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In police interviews, Freye revealed he had taken so much cocaine that his nose bled. He crushed it on a DVD of Jeremy Clarkson the used £20 and £10 notes to sniff it. “My nose started to bleed so I used a different note,” he said. “There must have … Read more on WalesOnline


Sexual Arousal Doesn't Cause Bloody Noses, Says Medical Science!
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Bleeding in the front of the nasal septum often causes nosebleeds. In the case of kids, picking might cause bloody noses. There's a whole host of other reasons that can cause bloody noses that range from dry air to cocaine use and from allergies to … Read more on Kotaku


Sound Affects: Music reviews and ratings
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With a little digging, "good kid" reveals itself to be a remarkably personal release for Lamar, with stories like his accidental smoking of a cocaine-laced blunt and the death of his Uncle Tony lending not only narrative heft, but also a very real … Read more on Bellingham Herald


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