Lives 'Left in Ruin' by Rising Tide of Depression Drugs

Lives 'left in ruin' by rising tide of depression drugs
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… or anti-anxiety drug, which are currently in vogue, with 16.5 million being prescribed in the UK last year, and to which around one million people are thought to be “accidentally” addicted — compared with 300,000 illegal heroin and crack cocaine … Read more on


'Take Back Day' to crack down on prescription drug abuse
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“Narcotics available in home medication cabinets are actually more accessible to teens than other substances such as cocaine and meth,” said Sarah Cox, a Doctoral Student at Butler University. A warning to parents: Be on the lookout for an alarming … Read more on WTHI


Drug convicts, unreported by Phila., have kept driving
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After he was arrested with crack cocaine and PCP in his car, he quickly pleaded guilty to minor drug charges. … In his vehicular-homicide case, part of his defense was that he could not get proper treatment for his drug addiction before the accident … Read more on