OPP Detective Who Led Investigation Into Russell Williams to Oversee Special

OPP detective who led investigation into Russell Williams to oversee special
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… and January 2013 — largely in the months after police Chief Blair said his officers had seen footage of Mr. Ford smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine — to obtain call records for phones registered to Bell, Telus, Rogers and Wind Mobile … Read more on National Post


Adam Sandler Sings About Loving Drew Barrymore's Boobs on The Tonight
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The actress sweetly sang, "You are the [Fred Astaire] to my Ginger Rogers," to which Sandler replied, "You're the Rob Ford to my crack cocaine." Sandler then asked if he was a better "movie husband" than Hugh Grant and Ben Stiller, and Barrymore … Read more on E! Online


Oscars 2014: Live!
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Now, where's my 2 bottle of champers, Mr Wong? I'll take them chilled and celebrate with the 12 years A Slave team. … 1.05pm: Phin: And thank you, Ellen DeGeneres, for show us the pitfalls of having an Oscar host who doesn't have a cocaine habit … Read more on TODAYonline


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