Dad Who Smuggled Cocaine on Dublin Train Gets Half of 10-Year Sentence

Dad who smuggled cocaine on Dublin train gets half of 10-year sentence
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Counsel for Heaphy Tom Creed SC told the court that in its judgement the appeal court said it was intended that Heaphy would have five years in prison, and thereafter he may come to terms with his problems and find himself in the position to rejoin … Read more on Irish Independent


Drugs-for-guns traffic troubles police in Mass., Vt.
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In Holyoke, the first sizable city that Vermonters encounter off I-91 in Massachusetts, Police Chief James Neiswanger acknowledged that an influx of firearms from the north is a major worry for a community struggling to curb gangs, drug use, and … Read more on Boston Globe


Veterans Rehab Clinic Failed Son Who Overdosed, His Mother Says

veterans rehab clinic failed son who overdosed, his mother says
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The IG's office released its scathing report more than a month ago, detailing problems at the drug rehabilitation program at the Miami VA — including a failure to monitor patients, provide sufficient staff, control access to the facility or even curb … Read more on


Test and Report: Bad for Children and Families
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(1) Years of carefully constructed, evidence-based research conclude that no scientific basis exists for presuming that prenatal exposure to an illegal drug will inevitably necessarily adversely affect the newborn. … urge states to develop more … Read more on Huffington Post


RX Epidemic Memorial Foundation Collecting Pill Pottles for Memorial

RX Epidemic Memorial Foundation collecting pill pottles for memorial
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… The RX Epidemic Memorial Foundation. The RX Epidemic Memorial Foundation has a goal of collecting 36,500 empty pill bottles, representing the people who die each year from prescription drug overdoses. Photos courtesy Kyle Schalow. In the U.S., 15 … Read more on Toledo Free Press


Wednesday, April 23 2014 06:19 PM
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DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine's highly publicized goal to recapture police stations and government buildings seized by pro-Russia forces in the east produced little action on the ground Wednesday but ignited foreboding words from Moscow. … The … Read more on


It's the 40th Anniversary of Aaron's 715th Homer — but Please, Don't Call Him

It's the 40th anniversary of Aaron's 715th homer — but please, don't call him
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And when you see that several of those pitchers in the 1970s wound up with injuries soon after those 300+ IP seasons, it's not a big leap to think that managers were getting greedy and wanted to use their best pitchers as much as possible without … Read more on


Shane Kruchten: The former Marine carries the names of the Third Battalion
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Kructen left Wisconsin behind along with a girlfriend he called an "enabler," but when he returned to California, his problems with addiction followed with him. On June 14th, 2009 Kruchten spent $ 700 on cocaine and pills and holed himself up with the … Read more on


Auburn Man Gets Prison Time for Drug Charges — Again

Auburn man gets prison time for drug charges — again
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This was paid upon the woman's formal sentencing in June. While Racona's probation called for her participation in drug treatment court due to substance abuse issues, the 24-year-old has repeatedly tested positive since that time for cocaine and … Read more on Auburn Citizen


A Timeline of the Rise and Fall of 'Tough on Crime' Drug Sentencing
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Frontline writes that the law allocated funds to new prisons, drug education, and treatment. But its main result was to create mandatory minimum sentences. The harsh sentences on crack cocaine use disproportionately affect African-Americans. 1988: The … Read more on The Wire


Chrystal Hassell Goes on Motel Crack Cocaine Binge and Gives Birth in Bathtub

Chrystal Hassell goes on motel crack cocaine binge and gives birth in bathtub
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… been taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families, and the 11-month-old has been put into foster care. Hassell, 37, also has a 16-year-old daughter who was born addicted to drugs as a result of Hassell's drug use during her pregnancy. Read more on Daily Mail


'Horrible' past overshadows mom's second chance
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The past Arroyo is trying to put behind her is one of drug abuse and prostitution, and she has two older children who are now teenagers: a daughter who is being raised by Arroyo's mother and a son whom she lost contact with for years after custody was … Read more on The Journal News |