Paris Hilton Is Actually Trying Say That She Thought the “cocaine” That Was in Her Purse Was Gum but She Was?

Question by : Paris Hilton is actually trying say that she thought the “cocaine” that was in her purse was gum but she was?
smoking pot. Shouldn’t she be punished like every other white and black person in America or does she deserve “special treatment”? Could you tell a Cop that the cocaine that fell out of your purse that you thought it was “Gum”?
This is Paris’s THIRD drug or alcohol related problem this year…isn’t this a cry for help? What’s the difference between her and Lindsay?

Best answer:

Answer by JerseyBarbie4
nooooooo :p
i LOVE Paris <3

Answer by YÖU? Majes?y
that is unfair treatment, please send her back to prison

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