Suspected Crack Cocaine Trafficker Arrested

Suspected crack cocaine trafficker arrested
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A clear plastic bag was located on Abney, according to the report, that contained “numerous” pieces if suspected crack cocaine. Seven individual pieces were separately wrapped and appeared to be the same size packaged for sale, according to officers. Read more on WHIO Dayton


Foreign Tax Reserves Are `Crack Cocaine' For Earnings Manipulation, Study Says
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A little-known accounting rule that one executive has compared to “crack cocaine” not only allows companies to stash billions of dollars in overseas profits free of U.S. tax, but helps public corporations manipulate their earnings, an accounting study … Read more on Forbes


Charleston man gets 6 years in prison for selling crack cocaine
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Jamal Wheeler, 42, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine in June. Officers found crack cocaine and cocaine at Wheeler's house after executing a search warrant in March. The crack cocaine weighed 131 grams and the cocaine … Read more on WOWK



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