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Crack Addict Gives Birth in Motel Bathtub, Cuts Umbilical Cord With Teeth

Crack Addict Gives Birth in Motel Bathtub, Cuts Umbilical Cord With Teeth
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Terry acknowledged his girlfriend had a history of drug abuse but said he did not know she was currently smoking crack. He added, she just found out she was pregnant in March. Terry said his family has provided names to the court of immediate family … Read more on Guardian Liberty Voice


The war on drugs faces new threat: heroin
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While methamphetamine abuse has stabilized or dropped, heroin has become some addicts' drug of choice — and it's been found in Bigfork. The effects of heroin use are rippling through local communities. Law enforcement, health-care and treatment … Read more on Flathead Publishing Group


Addictions Awareness Week Kicks Off

Addictions Awareness week kicks off
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The awareness week helps reduce stigma around the discourse of addiction to drugs, gambling and alcohol, which can have disastrous effects if used in excess. “Some of my family members have lost everything to the point where they are as low as they … Read more on Alberta Daily Herald Tribune


At Clinics, Tumultuous Lives and Turbulent Care
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He considered opioid addiction “a hopeless disease,” with patients leaving rehab and then relapsing and sometimes dying, until he started prescribing Suboxone, the brand-name drug whose main ingredient is buprenorphine, as a maintenance therapy in 2004 … Read more on New York Times


Canada's Patchwork of Drug Treatment: Where Do You Turn When You've Hit Rock

Canada's patchwork of drug treatment: Where do you turn when you've hit rock
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Methadone, for instance, has been used to treat heroin addicts. Because it is an opiate substitute, it helps to prevent the onset of withdrawal symptoms, while also blocking the euphoric effects of heroin, according to a Health Canada study examining … Read more on Vancouver Sun


Weight loss drug could help curb cocaine addictions
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Washington, July 19 (ANI): The drug topiramate, typically used to treat epilepsy and more recently weight loss, could also help people get rid of their cocaine and alcohol addictions, a new study has revealed. Results from the double-blind, placebo … Read more on ANINEWS


Portsmouth Hospital Sees 'Huge Influx' of Heroin Overdoses

Portsmouth hospital sees 'huge influx' of heroin overdoses
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While Notis didn't have hard data immediately available on Thursday, she said hospital staff have been treating a growing number of people who've overdosed on heroin, as well as on prescription medications and bath salts. Similarly, Mike Rogers … Read more on Seacoastonline.com


Drug overdose antidote proves a lifesaver in West Bridgewater and elsewhere
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Narcan is a nasal spray used as an antidote for opiate drug overdoses. Deady twice had to use the drug on her son, who was suffering from an overdose of heroin. The drug counteracts the effects of heroin, OxyContin and other powerful painkillers and … Read more on Enterprise News


Cocaine Addiction Treatments

Cocaine Addiction Treatments images

PDF file Aripiprazole And Ropinirole Treatment For Cocaine Dependence …
Moreover, this pilot study provides useful information on the retention rates and the effects of aripiprazole and ropinirole treatments, to be used for planning larger clinical trials on treatment for cocaine de-pendence. REFERENCES [1] European Monitoring Centre for Drug and Drug Addiction (EM-CDDA … Document Retrieval

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On June 4, 2008, Steve-O pleaded guilty to felony possession of cocaine. He avoided jail by the successful completion of his treatment program. In July, after 115 days of sobriety, Steve-O announced he was "back in the loony bin". He returned to the mental institution, he said, because "I've had … Read Article

Cocaine Addiction Treatments images

PDF file Drug Counseling For Cocaine Addiction: The Collaborative …
Each of the three individual treatments, IDC, SEP, and CT, and the GDC treatment were described in manuals that guided the clinical approach used If I accept my cocaine addiction, I'll stop playing games about being able to get high whenever I want. … Return Doc

Addictive Cocaine After One Use

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PowerPoint file Assessment And Treatment Of Addictive Behaviors Carl W …
One ad claimed that cocaine "could make the coward brave, the silent eloquent, and Approximately 100 years after cocaine entered into use, a new variation of the substance Cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug and compulsive cocaine use seems to develop more rapidly when the … Return Doc

Addictive Cocaine After One Use

An internet computer game has been condemned as being as addictive as cocaine after a teenager who played it twenty-four hours non-stop had convulsions. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than one to two hours per day of 'screen time'. … Access Document

About Effects Of Heroin – What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Heroin Use?
One of the most detrimental long-term effects of heroin is addiction itself. profound degrees of tolerance and physical dependence, which are also powerful motivating factors for compulsive use and abuse. As with abusers of any addictive drug … Read Article