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Doc Reveals Horrific Effects of 'Legal Highs'

Doc reveals horrific effects of 'legal highs'
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Staff in the city's accident and emergency departments are struggling to treat a rising number of young people who fall ill after consuming "legal highs" – known as new psychoactive substances (NPS) – because they contain unknown and deadly chemicals … Read more on Glasgow Evening Times


'We're all paying:' Heroin spreads misery in US
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On a beautiful Sunday last October, Detective Dan Douglas stood in a suburban Minnesota home and looked down at a lifeless 20-year-old — a needle mark in his arm, a syringe in his pocket. It didn't take long for Douglas to realize that the man, fresh … Read more on Yahoo News


Miley Cyrus or Demi Lovato?

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None of the above

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Suffolk: Rise in number of young addicts seeking treatment as drug arrests of
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Mr Somers, founder of the Bury St Edmunds drug rehabilitation charity Focus 12, believes cocaine, heroin, and cannabis have become more attractive to take compared with 20 years ago. He also warned of the growing dangers of party drugs such as ketamine … Read more on Ipswich Star


Greater Use of Meds to Halt Opioid Overdose Epidemic Urged
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Between 1999 and 2010, the death rate from prescription opioid overdose in the United States more than quadrupled, a rate that far exceeds the combined death toll from cocaine and heroin overdoses. Rates of emergency department visits as well as … Read more on Medscape

DR. KATZ: Epidemiology Over Ideology

DR. KATZ: Epidemiology over ideology
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If that doesn't clinch it, how about the 7 percent cocaine solution available in every emergency department? We soak cotton swabs in it, and use it to treat epistaxis, i.e., severe nosebleeds. Working as an ER doc back in the day, I made use of it more … Read more on New Haven Register


'It was like a scene from Psycho': Grandfather describes the moment he saw his
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He said: 'I anticipate that Lewis Dale will tell you that at the time of the attack on his grandparents he was suffering a psychotic episode as a result of his drug use.' Mr Strong said mephedrone used to be called a 'legal high' but was outlawed in … Read more on Daily Mail


Ecstasy-Related ER Visits Up 128% for People Under 21

Ecstasy-related ER visits up 128% for people under 21
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Between 2005 and 2011, the number of young patients who went to U.S. emergency departments for complications connected to the popular drug rose from 4,460 visits to 10,176 visits, according to the report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health … Read more on KAJ18 Kalispell Montana News


School students into narcotics in Dhangadhi
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“Hashish is no big deal,” adds a teenager, who is into brown sugar for months now. “We even have cocaine users here in Dhangadhi” But how do they get hold of such drugs? “The smugglers from India come here … This despite the fact that the authorities … Read more on Republica


Drug-Free Workplace Act Turns 25

Drug-Free Workplace Act Turns 25
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Most of all, the 1988 law has helped employers focus on the issue of workplace drug abuse and effective measures that could reduce its prevalence. "The good news is that, among employers who include drug testing, we're seeing much lower positivity … Read more on Human Resource Executive Online


Mobile Health Encourages Drug Testing as PCP Emergency Department Visits
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Although not commonly associated as a workplace drug due to its disruption, users who partake at home can still bring lingering effects to the office. Chronic users may exhibit memory problems and speech difficulties even after quitting for up to 1 year. Read more on DigitalJournal.com


New York City Man Convicted of Killing Easton Drug Dealer Gets Maximum Sentence

New York City man convicted of killing Easton drug dealer gets maximum sentence
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None of the witnesses could provide a reliable time frame for any of the events, and critical differences emerged in their accounts, defense attorney Ed Andres pointed out. During the trial, Comito identified … Quincy "Kojak" Wilson said he bought … Read more on The Express Times – LehighValleyLive.com


The walking dead
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Crack cocaine used to be a serious public health concern. Now it's a circus sideshow. What with … In recent weeks, two men in St. Catharines have been admitted to emergency departments with sores on their bodies from using Krokodil, also known as the … Read more on The Wellington Times