Too Many Deaths Make Things sound….OFF!?

Question by : Too many deaths make things sound….OFF!?
DJ Screw died of a heart attack on Nov 16, 2000. His cause of death was rumoured to be either a codeine overdose,or the result of long-term buildup of promethazine as a result of chronic sizzurp abuse”

“Fat Pat was shot to death in 1998 at age 26. He was a member of the Screwed Up Click”
Big Steve of the Screwed Up Click”
Yet another member of the Screwed Up Click, Big Mello. Bun B recently did a track with various H-Town artist that was dedicated to these 4 from the Screwed Up Click”

“Jam Master Jay was shot and killed in a recording studio in Queens, New York on October 30, 2002. The case remains unsolved”

“Wu Tang member ODB died November 13, 2004. It was originally thought to be a heart attack, but during the autopsy a baggie filled with cocaine and pain killers was found in his stomach”

BIG L Murdered outside his home in Harlem in 1999

Khadafi of the Outlawz was murdered shortly after Tupac’s death from a gun shot wound to the head”

Seagram Was murdered in Oakland back in August of ’96”

MC Rock of The Almighty RSO was stabbed to death in 1990, he was about 28

Trouble T-Roy of Heavy-D’s group died when he fell off a balcony during a concert in ’90. He was 22

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