America’s Most Abused Drugs (Mental Health Guru)


America’s Most Abused Drugs (Mental Health Guru) – From alcohol and cigarettes to prescription painkillers, many addictive drugs exist. Watch this to learn the most common.


13 Responses to America’s Most Abused Drugs (Mental Health Guru)

  • phuckingemailmehere says:

    20% of americans abused prescription drugs where the fuck did you get your numbers because? its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay higher than that

  • phuckingemailmehere says:

    Nicotine? wtf c’mon wtf does it have to do with oxycontin??

  • phuckingemailmehere says:

    people on opioids dont tend to do crazy shit its adowner and crack is an upper that makes you? do stupid shit i agree

  • awesomegoodness says:

    marijuana will get you high for a couple hours, and makes you do nothing? as crazy you would do on heroin or crack

  • sweetswing1 says:

    this video? got me hard.

  • leonakita says:

    this douchebag MC is annoying as fuck!?

  • Lyssamonster says:

    nice bowl?

  • mocrodevil says:

    Fuck? off

  • aljaz4life says:

    Dafuq did? i just watch?

  • 22breakingbad says:

    Oxycontin makes my tolerance go up to fast, i stick with Norco? sadly i like painkillers they make me feel so good, weed i cant see straight and to tired, alcohol makes me urinate to to much and the euphoria dosent last long i become irritable. With Norco i be myself and do activities in life well without my social anxiety disorder

  • 22breakingbad says:

    No but now i? do lol your funny

  • JustSomePerson888 says:

    big pharma. consumer lies.? intensively farmed food and crops. pretending to not see how fucked up your environment is so you can go on being a drooling sheeple zombie spazwit. getting over-excited at others acheivements, when your teams performance really only matters to those getting wages for playing etc. cleaning products and cosmetics that aren’t natural. all those and more are far worse addictions than drink & baccy, which btw both are adulterated heavily with additive toxins.

  • vangundy51 says:

    anybody else notice the marijuana plant behind him??

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