Sarah Palin DWI and Cocaine Scandal


Sarah Palin DWI and Cocaine Scandal – — What does Sarah Palin DWI and Cocaine have in common?


Soft Bigotry of Campaign Expectations
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The story is that Obama used and sold cocaine while in college. (Hey, isn't that a … How many people do you know who in the 2008 election simply asserted "Sarah Palin is dumb" and, when asked why, could offer no rational basis to defend that conclusion? Read more on American Thinker


Welcome to Jerome Corsi's Cesspool
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Corsi followed hat up with a June 5 WND article declaring that "Two recent developments have bolstered a campaign by Larry Sinclair to advance the sensational claim in his 2009 book 'Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder' that he … Read more on Huffington Post (blog)


17 Responses to Sarah Palin DWI and Cocaine Scandal

  • methesponge says:

    not one of? these LIBTARDS tells the truth…..not one!!

  • deeppurple28 says:

    I’d still Bone Palin, Even though she makes Dan? Quayle sound like Albert Einstein!

  • 1Adr1an6 says:

    What? do Sarah Palin and Billy Mays have in common ??


  • mrdaihatsu says:

    Propaganda does not deceive people;? it merely helps them to deceive themselves.

  • EoFproductions says:

    You’re a fool?

  • lovejen01 says:

    are f’n kidding??

  • qualityrkc says:

    Ayers is a hero and? true patriot not a traitor.

  • mrdaihatsu says:

    What does Sarah and Newt have in common? Neither one are smart enough to form a sentence without? a writer , and neither need to fear liberals because the Republican party is about to throw both of them under the bus. I see Rupert got the memo, official talking points coming soon. I’ll just sit back and watch the misinformed foxers (and now mainstreamers too) eat it up and start repeating it all as if it’s fact. All the Politicans, and News are bought out by the rich and preaching their message.

  • Baukunin says:

    You can’t seem to read, “fledermaus.” Todd’s half-sister was busted for burglaries for drugs. Sarah doesn’t have a half-sister.

    She couldn’t even run the state of Alaska, with money coming in by? the boatload with the price of oil up to $144 a barrel and the state getting every seventh barrel. Her current popularity in Alaska is now at about 30%, which would be hard core, fundamentalist Republicans and not much else. Sarah appeared to intentionally try to miscarry her pregnancy with Trig.

  • lovejen01 says:

    That may be true but at least her best friend is not a terrorist/ traitor and then lied about the relationship. I mean how can NObama and his wife say they planned campaign at? Ayers house over dinner. Then when their relationship came with that Terrorist/ traitor all the sudden it was oh he just lived down the street. Come on!!!!!!

  • Baukunin says:

    Sarah has also been arrested, paying a $1,000 fine for a Fish and Game violation.

    As juveniles, her son Track also been busted for sabotaging 100 school busses with three drunken teen friend as has her daughter Willow for a home invasion, destructive booze and sex party. Todd’s dad (DUI), half-sister (burglaries), and Tripp’s grandmother (narcotics dealing) are others who have run afoul of hte law.?

    Sarah stumbled through five changes of college in six years to get a teleprompter degree.

  • Baukunin says:

    Sarah Palin has admitted she smoked weed, but has never admitted she used cocaine when she was briefly? reading sports from teleprompters.

    Sarah and John McCain were very close to a convicted terrorist, taking campaign donations from and appearing on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show. Ayers, who was never terribly close to Obama, was never convicted of anything.

    “Smart?” I have barn animals smarter than Sarah.

  • cya4555 says:

    and Oreilly wonder why he lost? the election.

  • damulta says:

    cocaine hell? of a drug

  • CaptCody2 says:

    Liberal Whackjobs attacked Palin’s daughter horribly and dispicably for having a child out of wedlock, but say NOTHING about OBAMA being born out of wedlock!! How? freaking Stoopid!! Libtard Progressives = Hypocrisy and Propaganda!!

  • Kelekolio says:

    Great job being the hard interviewer Bill …… Ha, ha, ha?

  • Kelekolio says:

    Nice FOX Newt … I? mean, FOX News clip.

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