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Republicans, Please Convince Me?

Question by : Republicans, please convince me?
I’m not an American, but if i were I would be pro-democrats.
Unfortunately, I have a debate coming up and I’m expected to defend the republican party.
So, republicans (or anyone who knows of the republicans’ stance) please give me the pros of your political beliefs in terms of any or all of the following:
stem cell research
the environment
health care
marijuana and prescription drugs
Clarification: by poverty, I mean: how do you plan on tackling it?
Thank you for the replies. A combination of research and your answers has given solid arguments for everything but healthcare and drugs. Can someone please elaborate on those two points?

Also, I know that constitutionally America is secular. But is the GOP officially/publicly associated with any one certain religion? I thought it was known that the GOP is, basically, a Christian party. But, upon further research, I (think) that I have found that it isn’t.

Drugs From China Were Delivered to College

Drugs from China were delivered to college
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Judge Donna McColgan told Sands his drug habit had brought him before the court, saying "it is through your abuse of drugs that you became familiar with persons much higher up the chain in terms of dealing in drugs." Saying she accepted he had been … Read more on U.TV


Stop the Real Criminalization of Mental Illness
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Fukushima Meltdowns: Global Denial At Work -William Boardman, 4 points about the 1971 FBI break-in -Glenn Greenwald Pope Francis …. Cocaine makes people kill as well, and other illicit drugs cause their share of problems, but alcohol is cheaper … Read more on OpEdNews


Is This Premise for a Romantic Triad a Good One, or Not? Is It Too Cliche? Why or Why Not?

Question by Heisenberg: Is this premise for a romantic triad a good one, or not? Is it too cliche? Why or why not?
Bob and Jill have been dating since High School.

Bob started doing cocaine, and doesn’t want to play football anymore. He doesn’t even have a useful major in college. Jill wants to break up with him.

While on a date, Bob goes through a phase of withdrawal. His friend stop by, and he goes to snort cocaine with them, leaving Jill to wait for food alone.

Cobb shows up, winks at Jill, then decides to sit with her. He flirts with her a little bit, and they (she is reluctant) exchange numbers. He leaves before Bob gets back.

Soon, the city ends up going into chaos because people are rioting. Bob and Jill were driving to an evacuation center, but Bob, being neurotic and high, wrecks. Jill calls Cobb.

Over 6000 Convicted in Corporate Area RM Courts

Over 6000 convicted in Corporate Area RM courts
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JUST over 6000 Jamaicans who have been convicted in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's (RM) courts for crimes they committed, will be paying the cost in the form of fines and/or prison time imposed by the courts. Statistics compiled by the … Read more on Jamaica Observer


Expressions of Recovery
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GLOVERSVILLE – The HFM Prevention Council and ASAPP's Promise are observing Substance Abuse Prevention and Recovery Month with an exhibit of artwork and poetry by people turning their lives around and fellow artists who support them. The exhibit opened … Read more on Gloversville Leader-Herald


How Often Do Kea Do Drug Testing?

Question by Bob: how often do kea do drug testing?
im starting on a buiding site on monday and am worried that they will test me that day and find cannabis in my system. how often do they test for drugs and is it on your first visit to the site??

Best answer:

Coroner: Eva Rausing Died as Result of Drug Abuse

Coroner: Eva Rausing died as result of drug abuse
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Deputy coroner Shirley Radcliffe said Friday that 48-year-old Eva Rausing had died as a result of cocaine intoxication and a heart condition that was likely caused by drug use. Radcliffe ruled the death "a result of the dependent abuse of drugs … Read more on WGCL Atlanta


Braves minor leaguer gets 50-game drug suspension
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Braves minor league pitcher Billy Bullock was suspended 50 games for a second violation of baseball's drug prevention and treatment program for a “drug of abuse.” The suspension was announced Friday by the commissioner's office. No specific drug was … Read more on Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)